Samantha Shine McPherson

As a straight-A 10-year-old, I received my first F on a math test and was devastated, crying hysterically. I felt I had disappointed everyone. My grandfather immediately took me for ice cream and consoled me, informing me there will be other tests and opportunities to succeed. When I reached home, still hysterical, my mom placed me in the bath and suggested we wash the failing grade down the drain. That has always stuck with me. Now, whenever times are difficult I take a bath and symbolically wash my worries down the drain. It doesn’t matter anymore; it’s already happened. This has translated in my work, my education, my marital life, my friendships. Sometimes you’ve just got to let things go, wash it down the drain, and realize that it’s not under your control.

-Samantha Shine McPherson, California Western School of Law student. Samantha wants to become a lawyer so she can protect victims of crime, just as she was protected as a child. San Diego, CA